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An A3 sample of our Vida Amazonite Wallpaper.


Vida is our incredible Costa Rican inspired floral print. Showcasing the unique bio-diverse flora and foliage this incredible country has to offer. Featuring large scale, weird and wonderful specimens of blooms including banana blossoms, dragon fruits and shampoo flowers.


The Amazonite colourway is a tonal but vibrant palette of stunning minty greens and rich navy blues. Inspired by the semi-precious gemstone Amazonite, known to promote harmony, peace and truth.


This print comes in 8 unique colourways and is printed on 70cm wide, luxury, matte paper. Each roll is 10 metres in length and coverage is 7 metres squared. Printed in England.


Note; This paper is super easy to hang. Use a ready mixed prepared adhesive, cover your wall in the paste and place your wallpaper on top - and voila! No wallpaper table required.


Our wallpaper is printed to order so please expect 14-21 days for delivery.

Vida Wallpaper in Amazonite-Turquoise

7 Mètres carrés
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