Thalassophile comes from the Greek word 'Thalass' meaning Ocean and wholey means 'Lover of the sea.' This moniker is also the title of the collection. Our gorgeous under-the-sea print features hammerhead sharks, pufferfish, starfish and turtles! All handpainted and laid on a bubbly, marbled background to mimic the ocean.


Our Chartreuse and hot-pink Colourway has a real WOW factor. The contrasting colours  of green and pink are truely sublime. The marble background pops beautifully in the gorgeous and sophisticated lime green tones and the vivid pink sea creatures create a fun and feminine vibe. This colourway packs a statement punch and turns you walls into a maintainace free aquarium! 


One roll is 10 metres long and is 52cm wide (5.2m squared of coverage) 


Our wallpaper is;

-FSC certified.

-Printed to order in the UK.

-Hand painted by us in Cornwall.

-Non-woven & Paste to wall, so no wallpaper table required.

-Durable and can be wiped down.

Thalassophile Wallpaper in Chartreuse

TVA Incluse