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Bubastis Wallpaper in Blush-Pink. Named after the ancient Egyptian city of Bubastis, which was sacred to the Egyptian Cat Goddess, Bastet. Our design Bubastis promotes two big cats, the prominent tiger's head and the renowned leopard's printed spots, both hand painted in gauche paint. Egyptians (and us!) believe cats are magical creatures, capable of bringing good luck to the people who house them. Adorn your walls in Bubastis and feel that feline power! Bubastis is enhanced in a palette of blush pinks, dark chocolate browns and olive greens.


  • Printed in England on a 10 metre, 52cm wide roll of luxury recycled paper.
  • Note; This paper is super easy to hang. Use a ready mixed prepared adhesive, cover your wall in the paste and place your wallpaper on top - and voila! No wallpaper table required.
  • Please note our wallpaper is printed to order so will take approx 14-21 days for delivery.
  • If you require help calculating your wallpaper, we suggest using this link to help calculate
  • Pattern reapeat is 31cm

Bubastis Wallpaper in Blush-Pink

5.2 Mètres carrés
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