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Our stunning Bloom Flamingo-Pink Bone-China Candle Pot is expertly filled with the beautiful wax and scent of 'Spring Meadow's' by incredible, B-Corp certified candle makers St.Eval.


The reusuable pot comes with a striking circus-top style lid and is hand-finished in 24 carat gold.


The clay for the china is sourced locally to us in St.Austell, Cornwall. They are then meticulously handmade in Stoke-on-Trent using a wonderful British factory, manafacturing for over 130 years.


The candle blend has been specifically created for our pots using natural Rapeseed Wax and has an approximate burn time of 48 hours.

Bone-China 'Meadow' Scent Candle Pot in Bloom-Pink

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