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WEAR THE WALLS is a brand built on authentic ethics and strong moral values. While we know we are 'another' brand, we hope to be the most ethical way of buying luxury clothing and homewares on the market. Our messaging aims to enlighten consumers on the negative impact of fast production so customers can make smarter and lasting choices when consuming goods. 

Wear the Walls focuses on bespoke investment pieces, that can be loved and cherished for years to come and passed down for the next generation. Each piece has been methodically designed to be versatile enough for all seasons. A relaxed fit, and tie elements mean the garment can be tailored to your body comfortably. Every item can be dressed up or down to get the most amount of wears from your purchase.

We are a huge believer in supporting British business and small independent makers. When you make a purchase from us, know that it was handmade in the UK supporting someones craftsmanship who was paid fairly. Producing locally boosts the British economy and also helps reduce our carbon-foot print, as less emissions were used during transportation. 


We print our fabrics digitally in England as it uses less water and harmful chemicals in production. Any off cuts from our fashion & interiors production are used to make other accessories so nothing goes to waste. 

We aim to promote female empowerment and a positive body image. It's important for us to be real. We use limited retouch of our images. Real people and real expectations.


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